Together at school intervention programme. A pilot study on the feasibility and perceived benefits of a programme focusing on improving socio-emotional skills among schoolchildren in Finland.


The aim of the Together at School Intervention Programme developed for the Finnish school system was to improve socio-emotional skills and prevent psychosocial problems among children (7-12 years). The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the feasibility, safety and perceived benefits of the programme in order to justify its large-scale implementation for a randomized controlled study. Altogether, 23 classrooms from Grades 1-6 (N = 549, n = 451 children) in four schools participated in the study. Informants were teachers (n = 23), head masters (n = 4), children (n = 451) and their parents. Data were collected by questionnaires at three time points. The different tools assessed were considered to be beneficial for the children by 92-100% of the teachers, and pleasant to participate in by 73-89% of the children. During the follow-up, emotional symptoms reduced significantly among boys. Bullying behaviour was significantly reduced according to both teachers and children. The findings of this pilot study were encouraging.