A study on emotional intelligence, family environment, mental health problems & pro-social behavior.


Present study was planned to investigate factors contributing to mental health problems in adolescent. Objectives of the study were – To analyze the influence of demographic variables on emotional intelligence and perceived family environment and to understand relationship between emotional intelligence, perceived family environment, pro social behavior and mental health problem. Expost facto design was adopted. Independent variables are demographic variables, emotional intelligence and perceived family environment. Dependent variables are mental health problems, pro-social behavior. Sample size was 761 students studying in IX standard. Mean age of the sample was 14.7 years. Tools used were demographic sheet, strengths and difficulties questionnaire, personal profile survey and perceived family environment scale. Results showed that boys and girls differ in emotional intelligence and in perceiving their families. A few demographic variables had an impact on emotional intelligence and on perception of the family. Correlation and regression has also shown significant findings.