Behavior problems in children with developmental deficits in preschool age.


The present study examined the association between behavior problems and development deficits. The study comprised 201 children who were 36-72 months of age. Teachers rated the children’s basic skills with the Developmental Observation and Documentation Inventory (EBD) and behavior problems with the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ). Binary logistic regression was used to examine whether the degree of developmental deficits of a child increases the risk of behavioral problems and which specific developmental deficits predict the presence of behavioral problems. In all, 41 of 96 children with developmental deficits in at least one or more EBD areas had an increased risk for behavioral problems according to the judgment of the teachers. Significant predictors were age and degree of development deficits; in particular, deficits in social and emotional skills are associated with an increased risk of behavioral problems. These results emphasize the importance of the assessment and support of children with developmental risks in the prevention of behavior problems.