Developmental observation and documentation for educationalists EBD 48-72: Results of validation.


The observation and documentation of the developmental status of children belong to the central tasks of educationalists. In order to design appropriate pedagogical working processes for children between the age of four and six, the aim of the current study is to identify individual strength and resources of these children and to recognize special promoting needs. To obtain this information, educationalists must rely on theoretically founded and standardized instruments. This study demonstrates results to validate the Developmental Observation and Documentation for Educationalists (EBD 48-72). The validation process of the EBD included 127 children between four and six years. The validity of the EBD was assessed using psychological instruments, such as SSV 4-6, KET-KID, and SDQ. The results demonstrate that the EBD is a valid instrument to identify children with a special promoting need.