Effects of a brief cognitive-behavioural and social skills group intervention for children with psychological problem: A pilot study.


Objectives: The study aims to examine the effects of a brief cognitive-behavioural and social skills intervention program in improving psychological functioning of children in Kelantan, Malaysia. Design: This is a single group pre-and post intervention study. Materials & Methods: Fifteen children aged 8 to 12 years referred to psychology clinic for emotional and social problems were treated with a recently adapted Petersen’s Stop Think Do Program-a 10-weekly cognitive-behavioral and social skills group intervention sessions. Parents and children completed Strength and Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ), Pediatric Pictorial Symptoms Checklist (PPSC), ‘Smiley Face Scale’, and subjective evaluation forms prior to and at the end of the program. Results: The results indicated significantly reduced scores in overall psychological problems (p < .044) as well as in emotional domain (p < .007). Children reported significant level of satisfaction after the program (p < .0001). Conclusion: The findings suggest a potential effectiveness of brief group cognitive-behavioral social skills training for children with psychological problems, particularly in Malaysia.