Examining ethnic differences in self-reported psychopathic traits among Portuguese male juvenile offenders.


The aim of the present study was to analyze differences regarding psychopathic traits and related constructs in male youths of diverse ethnic backgrounds. The participants were 216 male youths from the Juvenile Detention Centers of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (White Europeans group: n = 108; ethnic minorities group: n = 108). Psychopathy was measured by the Antisocial Process Screening Device and the Child and Adolescent Taxon Scale. The results showed that no differences were found between ethnic groups regarding psychopathic traits and psychopathy taxon. Independent of ethnic group membership, psychopathic trait scores were significantly associated with behavioral problems, conduct disorder, self-reported delinquency, seriousness of criminal activity, age of criminal activity onset, and age at first trouble with the law. The present study adds support to the literature regarding youth psychopathic traits and supports the psychopathy construct as universally and interculturally consistent.