Innovations in practice: Piloting electronic session-by-session monitoring in child and adolescent mental health services: A preliminary study.


Background: Recent UK initiatives have advocated the use of session-by-session outcome measurement in CAMHS. However, little is known about the feasibility of this approach. Method: The PROMPT study (Patient Reported Outcome Monitoring Progress Tracker) piloted an iPad administered brief session-by-session measure (S x S) related to the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire impact supplement in three CAMHS teams. We report adherence to electronic S x S monitoring and a preliminary analysis of sensitivity to change. Results: Adherence to S x S was 57%, which is higher than the completion rates for the standard set of outcome measures usually completed by clinicians and young people. S x S showed some sensitivity to change. Conclusions: Session-by-session monitoring in CAMHS is worthy of further pursuit.