Motor dysfunction and behavioural problems frequently coexist with congenital heart disease in school-age children.


AIM: Patients with congenital heart disease are at risk of neurodevelopmental deficits. Impairments in motor and behavioural function occur frequently, but no information is available concerning the coexistence of deficits in these two developmental domains. This study explored the occurrence of motor and behavioural deficits and their coexistence in children with surgically corrected congenital heart disease. METHODS: Outcome was assessed in 95 children with congenital heart disease who had undergone cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. Their mean age was 9.6 years (SD 2.5). Motor function was assessed with the Zurich Neuromotor Assessment and behaviour with the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire. RESULTS: Children with congenital heart disease performed poorer in all motor domains compared with the reference population (all p