[Percentage of psychoemotional problems in Spanish children and adolescents. Differences between 2006 and 2012].


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: To examine the percentage of psychoemotional problems in Spanish children and adolescents and the difference between 2006 and 2012. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Data from 9,761 participants were taken from the Spanish National Health Survey of 2006 and 2012. The Goodman Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire was used to assess mental health. The percentage of participants with abnormal scores in the different scales was calculated. Chi-square test and multivariate logistic regression models adjusted for age, sex, social level and adult mental health status were used. RESULTS: In 2012, the percentage of Spanish youths with emotional, conduct, hyperactivity, peer and prosocial problems and abnormal total problem score was 8.5, 6.7, 10.2, 7.7, 0.7 and 4%, respectively. In 2006, these percentages were 11.5, 10.2, 14.7, 10.1, 0.9 and 6.7%. A significant reduction was found for the percentage of children and adolescents with problematic behavior between 2006 and 2012. CONCLUSIONS: Based on the total problem score, about 4% of Spanish youths suffer from psychoemotional problems. This percentage has decreased between 2006 and 2012.