Profile of Bullies and Victims Among Urban School-going Adolescents in Gujarat.


OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of bullying, identifying bullies, victims and their associations. Methods: Questionnaire having ‘Peer Interaction in Primary Schools’ and ‘Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire’ scales, and demographic information was administered to 7th, 8th and 9th graders (N=1106). RESULTS: Prevalence of bullying was 49%. Boys were more likely to be bullies (P=0.03), whereas students having less friends (P=0.001), overweight/obese (P=0.02), and boys (P<0.001) were more likely to be victims. Association between bullying behavior and poor academic performance was noted. CONCLUSION: We found high prevalence of bullying. The reasons for the same and scope of intervention needs further study.