The effectiveness of a positive parenting program-Results of a preliminary study in a Romanian sample.


Triple P-Positive Parenting Program is an evidence based intervention designed to prevent and treat behavioral, emotional and social problems in children by improving parenting skills, and supporting parents in developing a positive relationship with their children. The present study investigates the effectiveness and parents’ satisfaction with The Triple P-Level 4 in a Romanian community sample. Sixteen families participated in this pilot study. Triple P was delivered in an 8-session standard group form. The obtained results show that after completing the program, parents have reported significant changes compared with pre-intervention, as follows: 1) lower levels of behavioral problems in their children; and 2) a decrease in dysfunctional parenting strategies, in inter-parent conflicts related to parenting, and in levels of the stress, anxiety and depression, as well as improved parenting satisfaction, and self-efficacy. Moreover, Romanian parents have positively rated the efficiency and acceptability of the program. These data suggest that the Triple P might offer a promising framework for implementing preventive and treatment services for children and parents in Romania.